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In a foster home


Almost 2 years old

House Manners

Housebroken and crate trained


Good with older kids

Other Pets

Good with dogs.  Probably not good with cats.

Sponsorship Status


Hey there! Meet Shadow. Shadow is an intensely smart and devilishly handsome 16 month old blue nose pit bull. Seriously, he’s border collie smart. That means he’s always up to something. That means he requires serious busy work and a pit bull savvy home with grown or no children who will help him use his super powers for good and not evil.

He is great with some dogs and irritates the hell out of most others. He’s definitely a lady’s man, if you catch my drift. He’s not been exposed to cats but would likely engage them in a rousing game of chase which may or may not be enjoyed by said cat.

He has learned his basic obedience and has been introduced to the fundamentals of scent discrimination (think drug sniffing dogs or Search and Rescue). He keeps his kennel tidy and prefers to keep his people close. In typical pit bull fashion he loves a good toy or box shredding session and is definitely smart enough that he could even be taught to clean up his own mess. If the incentive is strong enough, of course.

If you are ready to take your dog handling skills to the next level or have more than just a passing interesting in canine sports or scent work then Shadow may just be the dog for you!

Shadow will come with a gentle leader head collar, private and group training with a local trainer, and daycare while he transitions to his new home! His adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous donor!

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