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Humane Society of Greater Kansas City

3 years

Housebroken and crate trained


Good with some dogs.  Cats unknown.

Sponsor needed

Vinny is one of our favorite dogs ever!  He’s a goofy, sensitive boy.  He’s a bit of a tank and has a wonderful smile, especially after he’s had a great play session with one of his doggie friends.  He’s a dude who may not want to play the first time he meets another dog, sometimes he needs to go on a couple of parallel walks with a dog before we have them off leash together in the yard, or we’ll walk him with a couple dogs and see who he “flirts” with the most.  He’s never been “aggressive” with any dog, but he can be possessive of toys and high value items such as a KONG with peanut butter.  His BFF currently is Waffle.  These are Waffle’s puppy pictures.  Sadly, he was returned a couple weeks ago and Waffle now weighs 75 lbs.
Vinny is nervous/unsure about some new things but adapts fairly well.  He rides well in a car, he doesn’t mind baths, and he’s good for vetting.  He’s a little flinchy when light hits his left eye in a particular way (he’s seen an opthamologist and his eye is normal), which sometimes makes people unsure of him, but he’s a doll.
Anyone interested in him can contact Christine at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City