Pinata - Pitbull / Bull Terrier

Pinata is in dire need of help. This adorable little girl is nearly out of time in a kill shelter. Though she is sweet as can be and absolutely the cutest thing ever…..the fact that she is a “mixed” breed sadly makes her odds very poor. Sadly most looking to adopt a dog are looking for a certain type and not a mix of “who knows what”…..this means that there are very few homes that will open up their arms and hearts to Pinata. It breaks our heart….as this girl is VERY deserving. She is very full of life and love and any lucky home would be blessed to have her as a part of it.

If you are looking for a sweet and loving companion, please open your heart to this deserving little pup. She NEEDS YOU!!
PLEASE apply for Pinata today! She has a whole lifetime of love to give and is counting on a loving soul to give her the life she so deserves…..Just look into those sad sweet eyes. They are begging for love…..please give it to her!