Doc - Pitbull

Hello all, Dopey and Doc are wonderful and we love them so much. they are doing well and get along great with our kids and cats and neighborhood dogs. Thank you for all you guys do.

The Bielawski family +2 more

Nicknames: Carl, Carlito, Fatty, Gordo, Chunk, Chubbs, Stomach

Favorites: Sleeping, laying on an A/C vent, eating a bone, eating in general, food, biscuits.

Pet Peeves: Baths, larger dogs stepping on me!

My Story:

Aside from being put in a shelter, having my mom killed when I was teeny tiny and being shuffled around a whole lot… I have had a pretty good life. I am now 8 weeks old and living in a great foster home. I sort of rule the roost, or so the larger dogs like to make me think I do. I feel like I should write a personal ad, to display what I am really looking for…

“Chubby brindle puppy looking for lazy person who doesn’t need a hyper dog for football Sundays, BBQs, sleeping in late and companionship. I prefer a home with kids, but I will settle for a home with a really big kid because I need a silly owner who will love me unconditionally”

Thats right folks, I don’t like exercise… This isn’t to say that I don’t need a little everyday. You should see my foster mom put on a collar and leash and try and drag me down the street. They have a theory that if they let me sniff the grass for more than 1 second, I will lay down… and boy are they right! I generally get tired after my 1 block walks, and they only do that 1-2x a week.

I love playing with other dogs, I met a few little dogs at the art fair over the weekend and I didn’t even get up off my back to acknowledge them. I am a little headstrong so I will need an owner who values discipline, but a basic puppy class is probably the way to go with me. I play with my foster siblings all the time, they generally ignore me though and I just sleep. Thats okay- as long as I have some interaction with other dogs, I will turn out just great!

Let me just tell you about kids… I love them, I love everything about them… I met so many kids at the art fair, and i got passed around, kissed on the mouth, pet…. and I just adore them. Every time I see a kid, I freak out and my licking machine of a mouth starts going to work on them.

I am about 97% potty trained. I say 97% because sometimes I just cant hold it any longer… and I am just a baby… I’m trying! Honest!

Funny things I do:

I lay like a giant blob on the floor. If you see me, you will think that I have no bones, and you will laugh… dont believe me? Check out my picture section! And I am always laying like a frog butt.