In boarding

4 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Dog selective.  Cats unknown.

Sponsor needed

Soulful Sage

Piggy grunts, heart felt eyes, loyalty to last a lifetime…That is a bare bones summary of our sweet adoptable Sage. This girl is special and was saved by MABBR from being euthanized at a shelter that was unsuccessful at getting her a home. Is it because she is a black dog, whom are overlooked so often? We will never know why so many people walked past her kennel and showed no interest in this loveable girl. She is an angel that will love just about any human that comes into her life. Sage is about 4 years old and around 60lbs.

Sage is quite possibly the best kept secret in the world. Get her one-on-one and she reveals her charm and easygoing nature. She is so very different from what you would first think when meeting her in the kennel and in playgroups. Someone was good to this dog once upon a time; they taught her things, like how to give love and also some cute little tricks. But someone was also neglectful, and her body shows some wear-and-tear for it. She’s smart, and curious, and generous. She’s easy and tolerant, the way momma dogs nearly always are. She settles fast and snores loud. She would be so easy to take home and it would seem like she’d been there all along. We hope someone gets a chance to see her the way we do soon and makes her their own.

Sage knows how to live in a home environment, you can tell that she has lived her life with a family. So she is crate trained and potty trained. She has been known to get along with dogs, but she comes on strong and will need patience, time, and understanding if her future adopter has any pets. The easiest solution to this is finding Sage a home without other animals, but since she has been successful at coexisting and playing with k9 friends, we are leaving the option open to the right adopter with the right skillset and mindset to set Sage up for success. Its unknown whether she could be with cats or not. We were told by the shelter that Sage came into the shelter with 3 other dogs, likely all from the same litter and/or home. Those dogs have successfully lived with cats, but Sage didn’t take to the shelter life very well and was not given the opportunity to try out a kitty house friend. We would be inclined to say no cats, but without giving her a chance to decompress and be introduced slowly to a cat, we cannot give a solid answer. On walks, she has seen a cat and she was far too interested and overstimulated for anyone to feel comfortable with moving her closer to the cat. The cat did not budge and stood its ground and Sage got about 3 feet from the cat before Sage’s handler disengaged as Sage was not acting appropriately. It is important to note that a dog seeing a cat outside on a walk can be similar to when a dog sees a rabbit or a squirrel outside, so while we would opt to saying no cats… We do know that some dogs are interact with indoor cats completely differently and often benefit from slow intros.

She is a sensitive soul full of love and kisses. She is gentle and loveable. She would likely enjoy human kiddos in her family if they happen to be apart of the deal. The more people to love Sage, the happier she is. Her kisses and loving nature would surely bring the biggest smile to any kid (or adult for that matter) that is lucky enough to receive her love. Sage is longing for that final destination, a place to call home. Could that be you?