Chocolate Chip - Pitbull

This gorgeous little girl is in a kill-shelter and will be out of time very soon!

Adorable Chocolate Chip ended up at the shelter when her owner decided they no longer wanted to have dogs in their home…..Not only did she loose her home, but now that she’s in the shelter her life is on the line ;(

Little CC is too cute and sweet for words. This little girl is so full of love and life that it just breaks our heart to think her life might be over shortly. Please open up your heart and home to her! CC is between 5-7 months old, and still very much a puppy. She gets along well with other dogs and cats too at this young age!

CC has barely begun to know what the world is all about. We would love to see her in a loving home quickly. A home that will cherrish and protect her from now on. This precious little girl so deserves a loving home. Please help her before it’s too late!