Deciding to Adopt a Rescued Pit Bull, Bulldog, or mix

Adopting a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly. Before thinking about adding a bully dog to your family, please do your research, understand the breed you are considering, and make sure that you are ready and completely willing to commit to that dog for the rest of its life – no matter what.

Bully owners need to be prepared to move if ever necessary. They need to be prepared to deal with hostilities and prejudice from uneducated members of the public, and they must ALWAYS follow the rules of responsible pet ownership. Incredi-Bulls all over the US are counting on the responsible owners to show the world that they are not villains, but the victims of media hype and irresponsible owners.

Adoption Process

If you’re ready, willing, and prepared to bring a Bully into your home, then it’s time to begin the adoption process!

MABBR does not have a physical building and dogs are not available to be viewed by the public until the adoption process has been started and we feel you are a good candidate for the dog you are applying for. Our intentions are not to make the process difficult. Pit bulls are the most exploited and abused dogs in the world and we make a solemn oath to each dog in our program that they will not ever have to endure that sadness or pain again. The public is welcome to meet our dogs at our adoption events and public appearances.