Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue is a small foster-based rescue.

We don’t have the kind of capital it takes to buy a facility to house dogs nor the ongoing revenue that would be needed to staff that facility.   We rely on foster homes to care for the dogs we take into our program.  At any given time, we have approximately 20 dogs available for adoption.   Some of our dogs are kenneled at a local boarding facility because we don’t have enough foster homes for all of them.  Boarding fees is one of our biggest expenses next to vet care so we have to limit the number of dogs we have in boarding in order to meet other financial obligations.  We are always running against the clock to save a dog’s life.  If we waited for a foster home to become available before we took a dog into our program, dogs that could have been saved lose their lives.  So we board those dogs at our own expense — an expense that costs us thousands of dollars each month.

So what does this have to do with re-homing your dog?

When you ask us to help rehome your dog, those are just a few of the reasons why we can’t help you.  You are asking us to take a dog that already has a home while thousands of dogs that don’t will die in shelters all over the country. If you are thinking about surrendering your dog to a shelter because most rescues can’t help you, the following is the reality of what may happen to your dog.  You MUST know:

  • Your dog will be taken into a very stressful environment
  • Most shelters don’t have the space to separate sick dogs from healthy dogs so the likelihood of your dog getting sick is very high
  • Shelters have hold policies.  That means they are obligated by law to hold a dog for a certain number of days before they can be put up for adoption – IF they get put up for adoption at all.
  • If they are lucky enough to be put on the adoption floor, they will continue to live in a stressful, potentially unhealthy environment until they get adopted
  • If they don’t get adopted within a specified amount of time, many shelters are forced to euthanize them to make room for other dogs coming into the shelter.

Still thinking about giving up your pet?

No matter the reason you feel it necessary to give up your pet, there’s so many more reasons why you shouldn’t.  If you need help with behavioral problems, ask for guidance or a referral.  We can recommend a trainer or behaviorist to assist you.  If you’re moving, find a place that will accept you and your pet.  There’s always a solution if you take the time to look for one.