Foster homes are the backbone of our organization! Without dedicated foster families opening up their homes to these dogs, MABBR could not continue.

Fostering is one of most important gifts you can give a rescue dog. Most of the dogs in our program have waited their whole lives to be in a loving home. Not only does fostering often save their life, but it is more than likely the first time they’ve been treated with kindness and compassion. But many MABBR rescue dogs have never even been in a home before. Even though fostering is a rewarding, fun and special experience, it is important to know that it is not easy! Fostering is hard work. Most of the dogs need help learning manners, house breaking, crate training, walking on a leash and more. These dogs have been failed by humans their entire lives and it’s our responsibility to help them become adoptable pets. Foster homes are invaluable to us and we strive to ensure that there is always support available when needed and open lines of communication are provided through a foster home/volunteer online forum.

If you are interested in becoming a foster home for MABBR, we ask that you fill out the adoption application.  In the field that asks for the dog being applied for, please put “Foster” and your application will be forwarded to us.  We screen our foster homes the same way we screen applicants because many of our foster homes become official adopters!!

Our foster homes go through the same screening process as our adoptive homes to ensure they have the proper set up, breed knowledge and understanding to properly care for the dog until a forever home is found.