Kristie!! I am so sorry I haven't got a hold of you! I got a…
January 18, 2018/by doglistings

Calvin McCrary (and Baby)

It was a whirlwind courtship and it looks like the new couple…
December 10, 2012/by MABBR

Rona update!!!

An update from Rona's foster mom 6.21.12:

1) First off, she…
June 21, 2012/by MABBR

Matilda joins the family of Yoda!

Matilda, now Molly, had the great fortune of being adopted by…
April 23, 2012/by MABBR

A St. Patty’s update on Sienna, now known as Clover!

When I happened upon this lonely little four-leaf Clover,
March 17, 2012/by MABBR

Bluebird (Chloe) adoption update


I just wanted to send a quick update on Chloe. So far…
January 16, 2012/by MABBR

More about Bluebird…

Bluebird has been with us so long but she's still as happy and…
December 2, 2011/by MABBR

Sienna update

After a few weeks Sienna is fitting well, what I mean is she…
November 28, 2011/by MABBR

Boomer update


I apologize for sending more than one email. Yahoo seems…
November 7, 2011/by MABBR

Hatch has a foster home!

Our super handsome and special boy has finally found a foster…
October 18, 2011/by MABBR
Piglet - Pit Bull

Piglet update

Dear Nicole,

I don’t know if you remember me or not,…
October 10, 2011/by MABBR

Big Mac Adoption Update

A very touching update from Mac's mom. We are so very happy that…
October 3, 2011/by MABBR

Leonidas update

The Little Brown Puppy.

He arrived with two little hind stumps.…
October 3, 2011/by MABBR

Fergus a/k/a Rudy update

After being adopted over 1 year ago Fergus is loving life with…
September 27, 2011/by MABBR

Daisy Mae Update

Hi Everybody at MABBR,

It's been a while since I've written…
September 13, 2011/by MABBR
Stella "before"

Pit Bull Hit by Car – Meet Stella

Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue came to the aid of two puppies…
July 26, 2008/by MABBR
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