Big Mac Adoption Update

A very touching update from Mac’s mom. We are so very happy that our boy has found his perfect match and home! Our hearts are full of joy for him.

Mac and Nikki

Mac & Nikki

I adopted Mac on November 4th, 2010, and my life has been an adventure every day since. Mac is a positive energy that brings joy, happiness, and cheer to everyone he meets. Mac’s very energetic greetings, mixed with the fastest largest tongue in the west, ensure that everyone he says“hello” to feels the love. Since Mac became part of my life we have been through a lot.  He kept me company while studying for my graduate classes, sat through me writing my thesis and graduating from my masters program.

Mom, are you done studying yet??

We just moved into our first house together. Des Moines is offering us a new house, new town, and new adventures! Mac is enjoying all of the window watching he gets to do now that he is on the ground level. He also loves the backyard he gets to romp around in.

Mac’s loving attitude and positive energy has changed my life for the better in so many ways. He reminds me to be a happy and joyful person. He also reminds me to let the small things go and focus on the positive and/or squeaky things in life. I could not have asked for a better four legged furry partner in crime

My favorite tidbit about Mac, is that when gets very excited he rolls on to his back and does what has now become known as the “reindeer”. He holds one arm straight up in the air and bends the other, and my brother and I both thought the first time we saw it, that it looked like the light up reindeer at Christmas time when they get tipped over.

Sleepy Baby

Why adoption…

Big Kiss

Many people ask me if I have had Mac since he was a puppy, I tell them sadly I was not blessed with knowing this loving boy since he was a baby, but I adopted him as a young adult. I work currently as a veterinary technician and spend a lot of time around dogs and cats. It makes me sad to realize how many people buy pets without the knowledge, financial support, or ability to take care of them. There are too many pets who need homes to justify me buying a puppy of any kind, when I know adoption is an option.

I have also been asked by many people why a bully breed? My response is simple, I love them. There big eyes, strong personalities, and smiles melt my heart. Yes, they occasionally need a little extra work in the sense of obedience training and working with their rare stubborn streaks. However, their undivided love and adoration is equal to none.

In working as a veterinary technician, I feel dogs pick their owners as much as owners pick their dogs. It is important to find the breed, type of personality, size, energy level that matches what an owner is looking for. If you want a bundle of energy, that loves you unconditionally, that loves to play and will keep you on your toes with adventures, then a bully breed is for you!

Mac & Nikki