pit bull silhouettes

There are a number of reasons homeless pit bulls find their way into our program:

  • Breed Specific Legislation (aka BSL) is a ban against Pit Bull type dogs (amongst others) in many cities. This restricts housing options available to many bully breed owners.
  • When pet owners are faced with unexpected financial strain, they are often forced to give up their homes and are not able to take their pets with them. In many cases, their relatives or friends are not able to take on the responsibility of that pet.
  • Pet owners are sometimes discriminated against by landlords that aren’t really familiar with the breed.

On average, a healthy dog in foster care costs $500. This covers vetting, food and monthly flea, tick and heartworm prevention for 6 months.

MABBR is made up of a network of foster homes. We strive to keep the dogs in a home-like setting until they are adopted.  Sadly, we don’t have enough fosters for all the dogs in our program so some of these dogs have to go into boarding.

Boarded dogs cost an additional $360 per month in boarding fees.

Since adoption fees are considerably less than expenses per dog, we take a loss on every single dog we rescue. MABBR can only continue to save homeless dogs with your support.

– Other Ways to Help –


As with most nonprofit organizations, donations from the general public are relied upon to help cover expenses and the cost of operating a rescue. Donations made to MABBR are tax deductible. If you are interested in helping us solicit donations from businesses, we can provide you with a form letter telling about our mission. Please contact us!


Foster homes are the backbone of our organization! Without dedicated foster families opening up their homes to these dogs and committing to the amount of time it takes to get their foster dog adopted, MABBR could not afford to add more dogs to our program. Fostering a dog is one of most important gifts you can give to a rescue dog. Most of the dogs in our program have waited their whole lives to be in a loving home! More info.


We are a volunteer run organization yet not all volunteers are able to foster. If you have other areas of interest such as hosting events, helping at adoptions events, assisting with transports, graphic design experience, website knowledge, photography or walking the dogs in boarding, please let us know! Learn more about volunteering.

Special Needs Pets and Emergency Treatments

Most dogs entering our program were not well taken care of, so they have a variety of medical issues such as mange, heartworms, skin infections and eye problems. Sadly, even dogs that were properly taken care of initially but still ended up in a shelter can contract kennel cough or intestinal parasites (aka worms) during their stay.

Expenses associated with puppies can be even higher. Many rescue pups came from parents that have not had vaccinations, nor have they been kept in a clean environment. It’s not unusual for one or more pups in a litter to come down with parvo, a virus that requires early intervention and a very expensive treatment. These are the kinds of unpredictable events that can wipe out what little funds a rescue might have.