Matilda joins the family of Yoda!

Matilda, now Molly, had the great fortune of being adopted by local celebrity Tom Kane and his family. Tom is best known as the voice of Yoda on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has also been the voice of The Oscars numerous times as well as countless cartoon characters. Tom has been a long-time pit bull advocate, having grown up with a pit bull, and has given his support to MABBR for every Charity Bingo even we’ve had at Hamburger Mary’s. Molly is living the high life with Tom, his wife Cindy, and their 9 kids! Talk about socialization, this kid is getting it! We look forward to watching Molly grow with her new family. She’s already begun obedience training at a young 9 weeks and is doing great! She’s acclimated to the noise of teenagers and toddlers and can sleep through just about anything!