Rona update!!!

An update from Rona’s foster mom 6.21.12:

1) First off, she is sort of a klepto and you’ll find odd things in her crate like: slippers, oven mitts, even my ankle weights (buff girl that she is:)).  She doesn’t destroy anything, she is just a “collector” of sorts.  So, if something’s missing, we know where to check first.

2) She loves lightning bugs (or fireflies).  She likes them so much in fact, that she usually begs to go outside around 8pm or so when it starts to get dark so she can admire them.  By admire, I mean, catch and eat as many as she can before I yell for her to come back in the house.  The massacre she can cause in 15-30 minutes is pretty incredible!

3) As usual in KC yards I’m sure, we have chipmunks that like to dig holes that provide a tunnel that exit in other areas of the yard.  For a while, Rona thought she “cornered” one in a hole she chased one into.  Probably for a good week, every time we would let her out she would charge/run to the hole to guard it…and she’d stay at the hole, waiting ever so patiently for the chipmunk to come out that she know was trapped in there.

4) She’s really into tennis balls.  My dog O’Malley likes tennis balls.  He likes to “peel” them and will catch/retrieve them when thrown, only rarely gives them back.  Rona on the other hand, will reliably catch, retrieve, and repeatedly give the ball back to continue the game.  I’m currently going through Physical Therapy where they’ve created a massager of sorts with a sock and 2 tennis balls to rub the knots out of my shoulders.  Guess who keeps “finding” my high tech PT apparatus, chewing a hole through the sock and claiming the balls as her toys?  Yeah, my sore shoulders do not find it funny!