Bluebird (Chloe) adoption update


I just wanted to send a quick update on Chloe. So far she is doing great and has adjusted very well. We’ve had a few routine visits with the vet including one today. Her blood was rechecked and shows her anemia has improved significantly in the past week. We will now start to taper her Prednisone and recheck again next week.

Her coat looks really good. There are a few thin spots but nothing serious. We are not actively treating the demodex right now since her coat looks good.

Health issues aside she is a perfect dog. Chloe hardly ever barks. Her activity level is normal and she loves going on walks. She is still getting used to some house rules but we’ll keep working on that. She is so loving and loved just as much in return.

I can’t thank you enough for letting me bring her home and for taking good care of her over the years. I attached a few pictures of her. I will keep you updated on how she’s doing and feel free to contact me if you want to check in on her.

Candice Allen