Kristie!! I am so sorry I haven’t got a hold of you! I got a new phone and lost a lot of newer contacts!

He is amazing and spoiled. He has 2 couches of his own, multiple beds (including mine lol) and as many toys as he wants. His hair has all grown back in and is thicker than ever! He doesn’t itch much any more with the new meds.

He even accidentally has a brother!! He loves his little Chip. This is a spoiled man. I am so glad you all brought him into my life!

Last week he met my mom again! (He has met her many times before, but she didn’t remember) And this time she remembered. He guided her gently around the kitchen table almost like he had done it before. Followed her to her chair and waited patiently for her to sit down before he left her side. He is beyond amazing. The love he shows people and other animals blows me away.

I cannot imagine my life without him now. He has become so much a part of our lives, it’s amazing. I’ll attach a few pictures (out of the hundred or so I have lol) so you can see his handsome face!!

Thank you again and if you need anything, let me know!!!

P.S. For Christmas, he got a rawhide bigger than he was, his eyes couldn’t have been bigger!! He is a gift in himself, but he needed something big for him to enjoy lol!!