In boarding

2 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.  Cats unknown.

Sponsor needed

Hi my name is Mikey. I was rescued from a hoarding situation not too long ago and getting stronger by the day. I was known by my previous owners as “the instigator” but I was severely misunderstood. The reality of my situation wasn’t that I was starting fights, but that I was breaking them up and keeping everyone in line. I mean with there being 90+ dogs, small and large breed…some one has to do it! Since coming out of that situation, I have shown so much love for humans and other dogs. I am currently in boarding with a few of my siblings and I am showing them how nice humans can be. My sisters have looked toward me for guidance and even though I am a bit shy, I know my role! I am very gentle and understanding with them and they view me as their leader. I love being the leader, but I also would love a forever family to lead me on adventures and a happy forever after. I am still gaining courage to face the world with curiosity to explore more daily. I can be slow to warm up so calmer introductions are appreciated. Of all the dogs from the hoarding case that I came from, I am definitely more trusting of humans. I wiggle at the sight of a human but I am still a tad shy. So far I appear to be potty trained as I like to keep my kennel clean. I have been a staff favorite and everyone loves the way I show affection…aka I basically just shove my biiiig head into someone lap for attention, its really a hit with the humans! So far I have been low maintenance and pretty much down with whatever everyone else is doing.

I have all the love to offer with the gentlest kisses and velvet soft fur to pet. I would love getting all the pets, hugs, and kisses! Can I come learn life and play with you? I have spent my whole life living outside with 90+ dogs but I am definitely growing accustomed to this indoor life. I am very submissive and shy so I would be great with many different dog siblings and even cat siblings.