Omni - American Bulldog

Thanks for coming to MyPage. You might recognize me as “The Dog Formerly Known As Ami” (I kinda stole that from the purple wearin’ music guy). I decided to change my name to something that sounded more “cosmopolitan”. Besides, a lot of people weren’t familiar with the world famous, tattoo artist, Ami James, who I was named after. I’m secure in my masculinity, so I don’t mind tellin’ ya that he’s a good lookin’ dude! I see a resemblance in our builds. Can you say buff? I was also tired of people thinking it was a girl’s name, like Amy.

Babe, please pitch any pre-conceived notion that you have about me being deaf, right on out the window. I think havin’ the volume so loud when I play Guitar Hero, might have caused me to be a little tone deaf. But, the 411 is that I just wasn’t diggin’ the chick I was livin’ with, so I pretended not to hear her. I know a lot of married folks who call that “selective hearing”. It’s kind of like askin’ me something during a football game. Unless you’re askin’ if I need another drink or snack, I don’t hear you. My bad!

Speaking of snacks, I think I’ll check out the fridge, and get ready for some Monday night football. I’ll try to catch ya next commercial.



About Omni:

This gorgeous boy is terrific. He is eager to please and just full of heart. He is fostered with other dogs and cats and he does excellent with everyone.

He adores people and does his best to do whatever is asked of him. He’s going to make a lucky family a terrific companion.