Baby Lee Cakes - American Bulldog/Pitbull

Nick names: Baby Girl, Sweetie, Cupcake, Baby Lee

Interests: FOOD!!!! loves her kong and peanut butter, loves her foster brother Piglet, WAYYY too interested
in squirrel chasing, snuggling and burrowing in covers. TOYS!!!loves em–like she has never seen one
before and never will again

Pet Peeves: Not much really. She used to hate whenPiglet stole her toys—but now she knows it’s a game…and its on!!!

My story: Baby Lee was dumped at a vet office…and to be quite honest, we’re really not sure why. Apparently an argument between a couple and both she and her brother were dumped. This girl is an absolute
doll—well a doll with a bull’s body. She is 60 lbs of solid muscle, but the biggest muscle in her is her heart. She is her foster mom’s shadow, constantly wanting to be close, but not in the way. She even follows in to the basement where no other dog will go.
The only time she is willingly away from her foster human is when she’s eating or playing with the other
dogs in the pack. She is so excited about food that she does a little dance when on her way to the kennel
to eat. She is kennel trained and completely potty trained. She knows sit and down so far and is about
to start more extensive obedience training. She is working on leash walking. She does well until she
sees another dog, cat or squirrel. She is soooo excited to see them (not aggressive ) but it takes a strong hand to control her when she is that excited. It is best to introduce her slowly to strange dogs, as she was very undersocialized. She does well in a pack of 4 other dogs, and is continually getting more exposure to all the things the world has to offer.
She was apparently in a home with children, so would do well with them again. She is a big, strong girl,
so caution should be used around little ones. This girl is a dream, her beautiful personality matches her
gorgeous exterior quite well. She will require a 6 ft privacy fence as she can scale a 4ft chain link in a flash (while chasing squirrels). It is obvious that
Baby has produced quite a few babies herself, so beware of her big Ta Ta’s–although since she has been
spayed she’s gone from a D to a B!