In boarding

2 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids, jumpy/mouthy

Good with dogs.  Likely good with Cats.

Sponsor needed

Imagine this: You’re a happy Dogo born into a world with ups and downs. Sadly, you were exposed to the downs early in life. You were given a name, but nothing else. Owned by a backyard breeder and confined to a small wire kennel with little outside time. Your “food” was milkbones, given once a day. Your interaction with the world was extremely limited. Your breed was created to protect, serve, and stay loyal to your humans. Your ancestors protected families from Pumas, wild boar, and other large dangers.
Benny is a 2 year old Dogo Argentino that is 90lbs. His ears are not and will not be cropped as per the “breed standard”. MABBR as a rescue organization does not support altering an animal for aesthetic purposes and will only do so if medically necessary. Benny is desperately searching for a foster or adoptive home. MABBR stepped in to help him and his breeder pair (She is with a different rescue!). Benny spent most of his days being locked up in a kennel and now we want him to experience the good life. We took him in quickly even though our only option was boarding…so now we need your help to find him a foster or adoptive home.
Benny has a potential foster/adoptive home PENDING!