In a foster home

2 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.  Good with cats.

Sponsor needed

This sweet, kissable girl is Kiah! Kiah is an easygoing 60-ish pound dogo argentino. Her favorite things include cuddling, kisses, and hanging out with her favorite people. Personal space is not her thing. If there is someone in her vicinity needing a snuggle, she will make it happen. But she understands when things need to get done around the house as well. In fact, all she really wants is to be involved. She will follow her people into whatever room they’re in just to check out what’s going on. Also, Kiah has great house manners! No counter-surfing from this gal, and she is house trained and sleeps through the night in her crate. Kiah would do great in a home with other dogs or cats. She tries to play with her foster sister, but her foster sister just doesn’t get it. Kiah would love to live with another playful dog. Anyone would be lucky to have this sweet lady in their home.

While Kiah was being spayed, we recently discovered that she likely suffered from some sort of trauma in her past that led to a broke pelvis. Her pelvis healed on its own with no medical attention and while she is almost perfectly healthy, she will need to get a surgery known as “FHO” surgery. She seems to be having an occasional leaky blatter and we hope this FHO surgery will help her. MABBR will cover the costs associated with this surgery and her life expectancy and outcome is thought to be positive and she will life a normal life once the surgery is done.