Kaloula - American Bulldog

Big girl with a big personality. Kaloula (the name is after a genus of southeast Asian frog) is an American Bulldog originally found tied to a tree in Raytown, MO where she was saved from being put to sleep just a few days away. Over the last year, her personality has really shown through and has become the perfect companion for anyone (her current owner being a biologist). She is great outdoors, loves to hike and swim in lakes, rivers and streams and is even more perfect at home indoors where she does not chew, scratch, climb on furniture/beds and does not even beg for food. She has a strong jaw and enjoys chewing raw hides and dog toys, but most importantly, she loves to tug with you on the rope!

Being a Midwest girl, she enjoys going out on walks at any time (which is highly recommended for her future owner to do since she does need exercise due to being a bully breed with high energy). She could also be the largest lap dog ever, not afraid to follow her owner around the house and always rest next to his side no matter where he may be, with an attempt every once in a while to climb onto your lap!

She enjoys playing and anything excites her, though she only has half the game learned for fetch since she will chase the ball but leave the fetching to her owner! Her etiquette inside a vehicle is also very good, though she may get a bit excited when a dog is nearby and will want to go out and visit.

Kaloula is a very low maintenance and high energy dog all in one! She has a mellow personality that goes a full 180 when it is time to go on a walk. She knows several commands: sit, stay, slow, “biscuit” (when it comes to getting her attention and a treat), NO, come here, go potty, shake, uh-uh (like NO) and needs an owner that may display a bit of sternness when it comes to delivering these commands as she is a big dog. She is great with people and children, though with her strength and size she gets a bit excited and needs to be watched as she may want to bounce and a lick and knock them down. She takes a bit of energy to walk as she always wants to go toward other dogs and no longer shows interest in chasing any small mammals which may be discovered along a favorite walking path.

Kaloula has been great with other dogs when hiking and they are free to romp around, but in closed environments having Kaloula alone may be the best until some sort of training or increased dog socialization can allow her to be around other dogs (medium to large dogs only). good leadership and supervision should be deployed. She has been the best, most affectionate and well behaved dog and any home would greatly benefit from her!