In a foster home

4 years

Housebroken and crate trained, will come with her own special crate

GREAT with kids

GREAT with dogs and cats. Even small mammals

Sponsor needed

If you are looking for the World’s Sweetest Dog, who also holds the title of the World’s Best Cuddler, look no further! Miss Kova Rae Jepsen is not only the sweetest dog and best cuddler, but she is so much more.
– She is loyal and loving, silly and smart, hilarious and always happy.
– She loves every human she has ever met and is great with dogs and cats.
– She has excellent manners and doesn’t chew up anything she isn’t supposed to.
– She walks great on a leash, loves car rides, and sleeps through the night.
– She IS your ultimate snuggle buddy.
– She will nudge you when she wants attention.
– She doesn’t potty in the house.
– She takes treats super gently.
– She doesn’t mind getting her nails trimmed.
– She looks adorable in pajamas.
– She snores lightly, almost always sleeps belly up, and puts off the best sleepy dog smell.
So, what would Kova’s perfect home look like?
– a home that has at least one other friendly dog in it so that Kova can have a doggo bestie in addition to her human bestie(s)
– a place that welcomes dogs sleeping in bed with them (and on couches)…she IS a cuddle bug, after all
– someone who appreciates her medium-level energy level (she would be fine with a backyard to run around in and/or shorter walks)
– a place that is ready to give and receive a LOT of love
If this sounds like the perfect match for you, contact us now!