In a foster home

4 years

Housebroken and crate trained, will come with her own special crate

GREAT with kids

GREAT with dogs and cats. Even small mammals

Sponsor needed

Kova Rae

Hi, my Name is Kova Rae! I am an above average certified side-kick bestie!  I am a 3–5-year old, 64lb, spayed Pit Bull Mix, and I am looking for my Fur-Ever Family!

 My Foster Mama said I need to answer a few ‘Hot Topic Questions’ that might come to mind for my future Mommy or Daddy, then I want to tell you a little more about my story and bubbly personality!

Hot Topic Questions-

Am I house trained: YES!

Am I crate trained: YES! (But I need a sturdy kennel to keep me safe when you are not home)

Am I Good with other dogs: YES!

Am I Good with cats: YES!

Am I Good with Children: YES!

Not to brag about myself, but my Foster Family tells everyone that I am one of the goodest girls around, despite the rough road I traveled that led me to Rescue. In January I was found abandoned in a ditch, after having been hit by a vehicle that left me with multiple fractures in my pelvis. I was unable to walk or use my hind end at all. After being picked up by animal control, we learned that I also suffered from bilateral Entropion (a condition that causes my eyelids to roll inward, which left my eyelashes constantly scratching my eyes at all times). Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue & my Foster Family took a chance on me and look at how far I have come! My Foster Mama said I am one tough-pup to have survived my journey! I spent a month straight in a sling to support my back end as my pelvis healed. Weeks and weeks of medications, X-Rays, multiple Vet visits and surgery on my eyes! I passed all my at-home therapy sessions with flying colors and at my last vet visit, my doggy-doctor said my eyes look great and are healing really well.  He also told me that I am a Rock-Star for how well I healed from my fractured pelvis! I LOVE to run now and I would go on 20 walks a day if you let me! I love cuddles and attention. And I am a certified butt-wiggler when I get pets/attention from anyone!  The couch is my favorite nap spot, but I also love my dog bed when we have company and all the couch spots are taken. If you listen closely, I make a pretty cute snoring sound when I snooze. I enjoy chewing on antlers and my dog bones. Being a black dog makes me pretty cool- I specialize in hide and seek as well as camouflage in the dark! Enough about me… I want to hear from YOU! I am anxiously awaiting adoption, so that I can learn more about my Fur-Ever Family!