Banjo - Newfoundland/Labador Mix

Banjo is 14 mos old. He has captured all our hearts…he appears to be part Neufie and he definitely has the “gentle giant” type of personality. He has rear dew claws. He weighs 85 lbs and may possibly still grow a little. Banjo has a beautiful appearance with thick hair, very long legs and a big jowley head…good news is that he doesn’t drool very much! Banjo has been returned from two adoptive homes where he was the perfect, loved pet except…first time he grew too large for an older couple and they were having health problems…next Banjo had health problems and was returned by his family . He has developed Epilepsy but has been on medication and is doing well. Banjo has been thoroughly evaluated by our Vet and no abnormalities were found to account for the seizures…it has been determined to be Ideopathic Epilepsy. He will still be the perfect pet, he just needs a pill twice a day (an inexpensive medicine…his friends will pay for this if needed) and a family that is comfortable and accepting of his disorder. There is the possibility that he will have very infrequent or no further seizures.

Here’s what we like so much about Banjo. He is easy to have around the house and very low maintenance. He will go in and out a relatively small dog door, he is completely housetrained and does not have accidents. He is very affectionate and loving…likes to sneak up on the sofa with you and stretch out beside you and mellow out. He is excellent with children and loves to play with other dogs and shows no aggression. Banjo has excellent guardian dog traits with a very deep bark to alert you to strangers. He shows no aggression toward people but stands guard with you if a stranger unexpectedly appears in your space. There is something about him that is hard to define…if you meet him, he will capture your heart and you will never forget him. We are looking for a foster home for him while we continue to observe him and of course we would be delighted to find a loving, understanding adoptive family who provide him with a forever home right now.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Banjo, please EMAIL us.