In boarding

1.5 year

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with older kids

Selective with dogs, needs slow intros and training prior to living with dogs.  Cats unknown.

Sponsor needed


Nova is literally 1.5 years old. Very sweet, loves all people. She is sensitive and reactive to dogs on walks but has been working on manners and does well with muzzle training. Nova does great in a kennel and loves car rides. She needs someone who will set her up for success and help her continue her current training. Nova has done well with puppies while being on leash but needs to be an only dog to be the most successful.

Nova was adopted from MABBR as a puppy and returned 1 year later. Nova is on a mission to find her true forever home. She wants to be loved so badly and deserves nothing less! Come and meet Nova, you won’t regret it! We just know in our hearts that if a foster home or forever home would take this beautiful girl into their homes, she would learn fast and easy. Right now she is in a boarding facility so effectively training her is hard due to the stressful environment she is in. She wants to please her humans and she is very smart.