In boarding

3 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.  Okay with cats.

Sponsor needed

Athena was saved from euthanasia by a good samaritan. Athena stayed with another dog in this persons garage for several months awaiting a rescue organization to take her. When MABBR was finally alerted to Athena’s situation, we worked hard to take her into our care. Athena traveled from central Oklahoma to Kansas City and is now officially a MABBR dog. She is not doing the best in boarding, but who can blame her? She loves humans! She also is not doing the worst, so for now she is fine but nothing beats a forever home! Athena spent several weeks in a kennel next to another dog with a welded wire panel between them, and they spent a lot of time playing together in the garage or in the yard. Athena is playful and fun and likely medium energy. She loves toys and her favorite is a hollow marrow bone with peanut butter inside. It’s her favorite thing in the world! She was not destructive otherwise, she did not chew up her bedding and she kept a clean kennel. She absolutely loves affection from people and based on how she and her doggy roommate bonded quickly, and her other interactions with dogs at the shelter, we think she would absolutely love a doggy sibling in her foster or forever home. She walks well on leash!