Blake - Pit Bull

Update from new dad 11/07:

Blake is doing very well! He lives to play. I’ve been buying the highest-end, most indestructible Kong toys that are made, and they last him about a month. Maybe six weeks, tops. He has the jaws from

Blake spends most of his time doing everything that I do. When I
watch TV, he lays on the couch with me. When I work around the house,
he follows me from room to room. When I go errand-running, he rides
shotgun in the truck with me. He even follows me into the bathroom
and lays by the door until I’m done. For a while, he would follow me
into the shower. He was getting a bath every day. Now he’s content to
lay outside the glass shower doors and be a peeping tom. Saturday is
bath day for him now.

I was crating Blake while I’m at work, but now that he’s potty-trained
he has the run of the house. He sleeps on his own rug at night, right
beside the side of the bed that I sleep on.

Blake is a STRONG DOG. He weighs 91 lbs now, and he is 100% muscle and determination. I’m a big, fat guy – 242lbs and 6’3″. If I lay down
flat on the floor with Blake’s tug-of-war rope, he can scoot me across
the living room.

Blake is truly a humorous dog. He gets those screwy pit-bull
expressions on his face. His ears never know which direction to point
in. His tail occasionally clears off my coffee table. He’ll go get a
GIANT drink of water, then come find me and let out a big, beefy burp
that makes his lips flap. It’s worse when the burp flys out from the
other end. I feed Blake Pro-Plan Salmon formula. It seems to not
bother his digestion like some of the other food does. Less digestive
disturbance = less gas. That’s a good thing. Blake can clear a room.

In short, Blake is a loyal, energetic, screwy dog who is 100% “male
Pitbull”. Exactly what I wanted. We’re to peas in a pod.

I’ll try to take some pictures later tonight and send them.


– Craig

Blake is currently in the shelter. His time will be up when the shelter is full unless he finds an adoptive or foster home.

My Story: Big Bad Blake, here! I’m JOKIN’! I’m really just a big sad, lonely, baby who could really use your help. I just love people & I even had some kids hugging on me & laying across my back the other day. It was great to feel their love & gentleness.

I’m about 1 year old, behave quite well, love to take walks & really love to play. I’m really getting used to this mushy hugging & petting thing, too! Oh, yeah, I’ve also learned how fun it is to take rides in the car so – when you come to get me; I’ll definitely be ready for a “road trip”.

I must be totally honest, I have one fault – I do not do well with other dogs. I’m trying very hard to over-come this aggression I feel around some of them, but for now, until you can help me with this problem, it would be safer if I were the only dog. You know, kind of like the “King of the Castle” – except for you, or course!

My dream is for a very kind, understanding person to save me! One who will teach me right from wrong & love me unconditionally.

My nightmares still consist of the past year of my life, spent on a log chain behind my owner’s home. There was no place to get warm & barely enough food & water to survive. I just don’t think I could bear to live like that again!

Could you be that special person who would give me the chance in life that I deserve? I sure have a lot of love in my heart to share it with who will open their heart to me. Do you wanna’ share a fun & happy life together FOREVER? I’m waiting!!