In boarding

1 year

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids, would do best with older kids

Good with dogs.  Good with cats.

Sponsor needed

This is our very own cartoon character, Chaplin! This adorable guy has unfortunately found himself jumping from shelter to shelter, by a completely random chain of events. You see, first he was in a very large and over run Kansas City shelter. Then, a shelter in a college town was having a big adoption event so they were able to help shelters from all over with taking dogs. Chaplin was adopted at this big adoption event and was returned the next day because the landlord said no dogs. Chaplin came back to that college town shelter and spent some time in there before landing an amazing foster home. After some time, Chaplin was adopted once again and returned the next day AGAIN because his family was not fond of his energy. His previous foster home was unable to take him back because they had taken a different foster into their home, thinking that Chaplin had landed his forever home. Well, the shelter reached out for MABBR’s help because Chaplin was quickly declining in their shelter. Chaplin is a love bug and a big ole puppy in an adult body. Humans have failed him again and again and he has not been given a chance to learn manners. Chaplin is currently in boarding and he is doing well, but he would benefit from a foster or forever home SOON! He is the type of dog that is not able to handle the shelter/boarding environment very well…and he acts up because of it.

In his foster home while he was with the shelter, we learned that Chaplin is dog friendly and cat friendly. He loves ANY AND ALL humans, but he lacks the manners necessary to live with kiddos- or so we think! We haven’t seen him around young kids, but due to his jumpy/mouthiness in the shelter, we assume he would need older kids, a dog savvy family with kids, or no kiddos.

Chaplin is incredibly in tune with the emotions of everyone around him and he wants everyone to instantly  be his best friend. Chaplin can overwhelm calmer dogs, espeically when he is currently being under exercised/socialized in boarding. He lived with an older calmer dog in foster care, that dog put him in his place and Chaplin learned to leave that dog alone! BUT he also managed to get the older dog to play at times. He’s’ adorable and loving and everyone who meets Chaplin is obsessed!

Chaplin is a very short and sweet guy weighing in at about 50 lbs.

To summarize, Chaplin is extremely affectionate, human friendly, dog friendly and cat friendly dog!