In a foster home

9 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.  Good with cats.

Sponsor needed

Charlie is a 9 year old senior boy with a heart of gold. He has not met a dog or human that he doesn’t love! Charlie was found as a stray in a city with a pit bull breed ban so MABBR had to work quickly to get him safe in KCMO! He was in a temporary foster home with the previous shelter so that they could get him safely out of the city with the breed ban. His temp foster loved him dearly and he lived with dogs, cats, and met kiddos as well! He did great with all of them and he is just a calm and happy go lucky senior guy. He prefers to chill and coexist rather than be rambunctious with other dogs, but he surely seems to enjoy their presence. MABBR took him to the vet and we discovered he was completely blind in one eye! One of is ears is shaped funky, likely from some sort of physical trauma or as a result of a past medical issue (if so, the medical issue is no longer an issue). Charlie comes with some physical scars and wear and tear, but with his amazing personality…you would never even guess that he has had some sort of trauma in his past. He is just a calming presence and would make anyone so lucky to have him!

He gives the best kisses, lean ins, and love you could ever imagine. Charlie has a lot of life left in him and he deserves to spend the rest of his life in a loving forever home!