In boarding

60 lbs

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs

Sponsor needed

AWESOME is the word that best describes this 3 year old(ish) beauty!  Daltrey is a ton of fun on four legs – an active person’s dream dog!  He loves to run alongside a bike or jog with you as you train for your 5K .  Honestly, this is the cool kind of dog that one might view on YouTube, pulling their owner on a skateboard for miles and miles!  That being said, this active boy can jump a 4 foot fence that is not ‘fortified” with the latest and greatest modifications.  Daltrey is well mannered inside the home and is always up for nestling alongside you for a marathon of your favorite TV shows.

Daltrey’s skills are many so prepare to be impressed!  He is house trained, crate trained and knows many basic commands.  He can sit, stay, come in, shake hands, lay down and would be thrilled to learn more.  He is motivated by treats, but mainly just wants to please his person.  He is great on leash.  If Daltrey sees another dog while out walking, he may whine a little as he loves to make new human and furry friends.  His desire for companionship makes him one of the most cuddly guys around.  He thrives off love and attention from his people and their friends.

If this fun and active boy seems like a good fit, please consider meeting him and making him a part of your family “furever”!

Update: July, 2017: We couldn’t be more proud of our Daltrey!! He continues to impress us with his amazing work ethic. Despite a thunderstorm and many distractions (those pesky squirrels), he passed his CGC test. He is now an official Canine Good Citizen registered through the AKC!! Kudos to Daltrey and the MABBR volunteers who knew he had the potential to be more than just a pretty face.