In a foster home

60 lbs

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs. No cats.

Sponsored by Francie Steiner and Heather Wood

Taken off of a chain out of a backyard in a town with BSL, this young hunk is Donovan! He’s so grateful to be out of the heat and the cold without food or water.  Once we cleaned him up, we were amazed at how beautiful he is.   Donovan hasn’t had much experience living in a home but he’s in a foster home now learning how to be a companion dog.  He’s around 3-4 years old, very sweet, especially eager to please other dogs, social and absolutely stunning.  He’s  a big goof with a big bounce.

Update from Donovan’s foster home 8/24/14: Donovan is a lovable and intelligent “Baby Hulk”. With his super expressive eyes, it is easy to tell just what he is feeling. He loves playing with his foster brother and sister and kids of all ages. He needs quite a bit of room to run and play. His favorite things in the world are a soccer ball, a large stick and his blankie. Donovan recently discovered that he LOVES to play in the water, although he doesn’t much care for garden hoses. His ideal forever home would be with at least one other playful dog and lots of love and playtime. His favorite spot to snuggle is on the pillow with you, even though his foster Mommy doesn’t like him on the furniture, he knows that pibble kisses are a very effective way of getting what he wants. He takes some time to warm up to people but once he does he is an absolute love ball. He is highly treat motivated and loves to please his humans. Donovan is a quick learner and would be forever grateful for a forever family.

Update 11/9/15: Donovan was returned by his adopter when he decided to move to a place where he couldn’t take Donovan with him.  We were given 3 days notice that we had to come get him or his adopter was going to take him to the shelter.  So poor Donovan is out of a home again and back in boarding through no fault of his own.

Update 2/20/16:  Donovan charmed a wonderful family who adopted Tonka from us two years ago.  So much so that they decided to foster him.  Donovan now lives with Tonka, his foster sister, Aubrey and human kid brother.  Donovan’s favorite activity is to hide toys in the yard for Aubrey to find.

Update 8/16: In August, his foster home noticed a lump on his leg and a trip to the vet confirmed a mast cell tumor.  Surgery was immediately scheduled and the lump was completely removed and sent to the  pathologist for testing.  Luckily, the results came back showing that it was a low grade tumor which means the cancer is not likely to reoccur.  Many thanks to Dr. Haeker at Countryside Veterinary Clinic and to the Killuminati Foundation for their contribution to Donovan’s surgery.