In a foster home

3 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs and cats.

Sponsor needed

This poor girl was seen being thrown out of a car window.  The person who witnessed it picked her up out of the street and contacted us.  Why people feel that a dog is so disposable as to be tossed out like garbage is beyond us.

Fiona hasn’t let that deter her from being a sweet and cuddly girl.  She lives with two other dogs and cats.  She likes the cats but the feeling is not mutual.  She doesn’t understand why they don’t want to play with her but she keeps on trying.  She is also female dog selective and would rather be with the boys or by herself.

Fiona’s favorite past times are running, borrowing toys from her foster siblings, and snuggles.  She does believe that snuggles and cuddles are a full contact endeavor to be pursued with her whole heart.