Gigi - Pit Bull

I landed in animal control at 6 weeks of age because of a breed ban in my hometown. I seemed to be well cared for so there was no reason to rip me from my loving family, but that is common when dealing with the tragedy of BSL. Fortunately, MABBR posted my bail and now I find myself learning about life with the big dogs in my foster home.

So far, I’m pretty ornery and full of myself. I am VERY smart for my age and am a confident puppy. After all, I’ve already been in and out of jail and I survived it just fine! I stand up to the big dogs and bite their ears when possible. I’m not quite sure why they are reluctant to cuddle with me later – it’s not like puppy teeth are sharp, right?

I am doing remarkably well in the housetraining department. It is normal for puppies my age to poo about 6 times per day, and pee pretty much every time their paws hit the ground – their little bodies simply can’t hold it longer. Puppies this age must be monitored constantly. My foster mom understands that and is with me all day so I go outside at least twice an hour, which has resulted in few indoor accidents for a puppy of my age!

I LOVE fetch. I am so small a tennis ball is bigger than my whole head, yet I run with one in my mouth like it’s nothing. I’ll even bring it back to you! So far, the only thing I love more than fetch is the couch. Yes, I am definitely a couch dog and insist on a certain amount of cuddle time or you will regret it – I can be pretty loud when I feel like protesting!

One thing that allows me to get away with more than I should is my stunning good looks. I am mostly a dusty liver color (think of the color of sand at a beautiful beach) with blue on the tips of my ears and around one of my eyes. I have a speckly nose and a light pink belly like a little piglet. MABBR has only seen one other dog with this unique mix of liver and blue. I am definitely going to be a show stopper when I’m all grown up! If you are interested in adopting me you will really have to go the extra mile to ensure my safety – I never wanna be stolen!

All in all I am a typical puppy. Ridiculously adorable, spunky, confident, outgoing, full of myself, cuddly, kissy, sweet, and again, I must stress how cute I am. Like any puppy, it will take a lot of work to shape me into a good dog, but I’m off to a fantastic start and know if you work with me I have the potential to be a great bully ambassador!

Note: If you also think it’s bullcrap that dogs like Gigi are pulled from their happy homes on a regular basis, write your elected officials if your town has a breed ban. Together we have a voice!