Jesse James is a reformed outlaw from Liberty, MO. He was picked up running as a stray and his former owner never came to bail him out. He has been released for good behavior and promised never to return to the city. He loves long walks, nylabones, and stuffed animals. He’s a bit rough on his toys, and likes to tear them into smaller pieces so he can have MORE toys! He has no food aggression whatsoever and is very food motivated.

He is great with children of all ages and other female dogs, but would prefer to live in a home without any other males. He tolerates cats, but has to be reminded every so often not to chase them. He is generally a very happy, easy-going guy!


Location – In a foster home

[tab title=’Weight/Age’] 56 lbs, approx. 3 years old

House Manners – Housebroken and crate trained

Children – Good with kids

Other Pets – Good with female dogs, okay with cats

Sponsorship Status – No sponsor