Joe is an energetic and happy boy, he always knows how to make everyone laugh! He is a Boxer/Pitbull mix, possibly with some Puggle in there too. He is very affectionate, but is not one of those dogs that has to be immediately touching you constantly. He will love to spend lots of time playing with you but also likes to spend time just watching the world go by out the window. He is really entertaining to play with because he throws his toy across the room or into the air so he can go retrieve it himself.

He is very good in my house. He is not destructive or messy, and every now and then he will go in his kennel on his own! He is very energetic so he needs someone who can take him on multiple walks a day or who has a yard for him to run in. I think he would benefit from having a doggie playmate, but they will need to be okay with a high energy friend.

Joe is learning how to be a good boy so he can be the best dog for his future forever home, is that you? He would love to find out!

Location –
Joe is currently fostered by Juliet.

Weight –
40-45 lbs.

House Manners –
Joe is Fully House trained and crate trained.

Children –
Good with children

Other Pets –
Good with most dogs, not tested with cats

Sponsorship Status –
Sponsored by Heather Ellis