In a foster home

7 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with most dogs.  Cats unknown.

Sponsored by Lori Magee

Meet Malcolm!!  He is the most caring and gentle soul we have ever met! He looks scary with his gigantic pibble head, cropped ears, and big build… but he is far from scary. He walks around with the biggest smile and greets everyone with kisses and love. He’s technically a senior, but a young senior at only 8 years old! His eyes will melt your soul and he has convinced people who would normally fear a dog that looks like him that giving him love and pets is the best thing they’ll ever do! He never fails to make people smile.

His foster mom says Malcolm will match the energy level of anyone he is around. If it’s time to be wild and crazy, he will show you a perfect pibble zoom. Time for a nap and cuddles on the couch? Say no more, he will not hesitate to be the best little spoon. While on walks, Malcolm enjoys staying by your side and is good on leash. His downfall on walks are his “rollies” this big boy will pick the most random times to fall to the ground on his back and roll with complete happiness. He loves it, and you will too! Malcolm has proven to his foster mom that he is crate trained and potty trained. His foster mom is also impressed with how easy it is to bathe him, he may not love it… but he certainly does not mind the extra special pets he gets while in the bath!

Malcolm is fostered with two other dogs, and a cat.  He does great with the dogs but he is kept separate from the cat. His interactions with kids in public have all been amazing.  He does not currently live with any.

Despite his mild skin issues (which we’re getting under control), he remains a positive force.  We call him our emergency broadcast boy because if you don’t hear the sirens yourself, he’ll give out an awoo to make sure you’re paying attention.