In Boonville, just 2 weeks before BSL was overturned, Maverick was abandoned by his owner, left on a tie out in the heat and rain. A local rescuer contacted us and we decided we had to meet this guy. As soon as he got to KC, we knew we hit the jackpot. He’s a pint sized, squishy faced doll and we’re told that little dogs, kids and cats are OK with him. He’s soaking up the AC in boarding right now but a foster home is where he really wants to be.

When we got him, he was covered in fleas. It took four flea baths and a couple of Capstars to get that under control. After a follow up visit to the vet, our fears were confirmed – Maverick is heartworm positive. Hopefully we can find a foster home that can help him with his treatment.

Location – In boarding
Weight – 40 lbs.
House Manners – Housebroken and crate trained
Children – Good with kids
Other Pets – Good with dogs and cats
Sponsorship Status – Sponsored by Richard Camp and Linda Grant