Daddy is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix and Mama is a pit bull, what do you get from this? A Teacup Pittie! Looking for a little spitfire? We’ve got 6 of these cutiepies.

Calliope and Penelope:  we call them the twins due the striking similarities between them.

Penelope has black dots on the back of her neck, her nose is all black.  Penelope is the smallest of all the puppies.

Calliope has no black dots on her neck and has a spotted black and white nose.  She about the same size as Matilda.   Penelope and Calliope are both timid at first, but once they get comfortable the are both very playful.  Penelope tends to be more sluggish upon waking but as soon as she is she is very loving and playful.  They both have brown eyes.