In boarding

2 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.

Sponsor needed

This is our very own cartoon character, Cayde! This adorable guy came from a small town in western Kansas where he had to be trapped. This silly boy put on quite the act back then … acting like he was shy and scared! He was at risk for euthanasia due to a lack of space. During the 12 hour road trip to Kansas City, Cayde showed a little bit of this shyness but as soon as he got out of the car — BOOM! His personality shined. He is incredibly in tune with the emotions of everyone around him and although he might have a tinge of shyness every now and then, he wants to meet everyone and anyone he can. Cayde has been our go to guy when we need to find a playmate for our dogs in boarding. He is really great at matching his energy and play style with other dogs. He’s’ adorable and loving and everyone who meets Cayde is obsessed! He’s amazing with dogs and humans, including kids. He is very gentle and calm when introduced to kids. It was so amazing to see! We aren’t sure about cats for this guy.  We believe that with intentional and slow introductions, Cayde could possibly live with cats.

Cayde is a very short and sweet guy weighing in at about 40-45 lbs.  Upon arrival to the rescue, Cayde got neutered and the vet discovered an umbilical hernia which has since been repaired.  Although Cayde is romping around and enjoying all the playtime he gets to have in boarding, we would love to find this perfect boy a forever home! Cayde is a great representation of the undying love and loyalty a pit bull gives to his humans.

To summarize, Cayde is extremely affectionate, kid friendly, dog friendly and possibly cat friendly!