In a foster home

12 weeks

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs. Good with cats. Good with farm animals.

Sponsor needed

Hi all! I am your typical adorable and irresistible puppy! Aladdin has the whole world wrapped around his adorable finger…paw? Same thing. He was raised from birth until now in a foster home with our rescue and it has been a pleasure to watch him and his siblings grow into the dogs they currently are. The puppy’s mom was found in the country after her family abandoned her in a house fire. We got her into a foster home, and she promptly gave birth to some very healthy pups! Mama is a blue pitbull mix of sorts. We arent sure about dad…the guesses are Aussie, pitty, great dane, lab, catahoula… but overall… 100% pure breed good dogs! ;) Puppies are being fostered around farm animals, other dogs, and cats! He was born on 12/12/2022 and his mom is around 70lbs. One of Aladdins brothers was DNA tested…and the results were crazy! We all know one litter can have multiple dads…so Aladdin might have a different dad…but his brothers DNA results gives us a little more info on what breeds he is. He is your perfect heins 57 dog! Scroll through his pics on our website to see his brother’s DNA results! Basically, Aladdin is likely ONLY 25% bully breed…the rest being lab, aussie, hound, and others!

Here is a little bit about me from my foster mom:

Aladdin is funny and sweet. He carries his empty ceramic food bowl from kitchen to bedroom.. Tries to play with cats, tries again and again but nothing beyond annoying. Plays tug of war with one of his doggy foster brothers and annoys his cranky doggy foster sister! Aladdin is not the biggest fan of the leash, but he is working through his discontent! Aladdin dislikes the kennel but will settle. Potty training is going slow, but his foster mom says its her fault and not his. The good thing is he only goes on a potty pad if she doesn’t get him out. Doing better however, sometimes gets through the night no problem. Aladdin is your typical puppy and he has sttarted his chewing phase, anything and everything. Starting his protective bark at outside noises. Always hungry, favorite toy is treat dispensing ball and marrow bones for treat and need to chew. He will walk on leash with his foster mom but not far. Taking him with his doggy foster sibling just does not work. Waits for his foster mom when all dogs go out, he does not want to go without her. Aladdin gets ADORABLE puppy zoomies, has silly fights sleep (think barking, “running”, growling while sleeping!!! lol!)  and loves to tear up cardboard. Just your typical puppy with unique qualities that will make anyone fall in love!

Please submit an application to: Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue