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Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids


Sponsor needed

Oscar is a sweet, confident guy who is all about the love.  He’s been well socialized and has lived with another dog so we know he’s a good doggy friend and he loves the kiddos.  He’s crate trained and housebroken and has been through obedience classes so he knows how to mind his p’s and q’s.  This big lug could easily transition into a home and the sooner the better.

Oscar is around 3 years old.  He’s a big guy but gentle as a lamb.  He loves to explore the outdoors.  A harness and some yummy treats is all he needs to take someone exploring with him.  We found us a real gem.

Oscar is sponsored by Mark and Esther Honea.  MABBR is very grateful to them for bringing us this special boy.