Pretty Girl - Pit Bull


Miss Pretty Girl has won over the entire neighborhood! The couple next door keep treats in their cars just in case she is outside when they are coming or going. The lady on the other side knows our schedule so she waits to let her do out so that he can see Miss Pretty. I think he and Miss Pretty are dating, he is a gigantic yellow lab. They pass sticks thru the fence he is always trying to fit his Kong ball thru the fence for her as she runs up and down the fence line barking like a dork. The barking of course is not for him it is for his mom who feeds her treats. Miss Pretty has gotten really good at basic commands but that is because she gets so much practice from the neighbors.

I have discovered she doesn’t have a human enemy. We have had several people over for a couple of parties and she loved EVERYONE! Her favorite time however seems to be when she can just lay on the couch next to someone and relax. Of course she also loves to go out in the back yard and just run….she likes it even more if she knows someone is watching her. She is a huge ham, if she can show off for you she will!

Also I don’t know where Miss Pretty Girl came from but I am sure the place she was before was not a nice one. A couple of weeks ago I was bringing in the sunday paper and she took off running like I was going to beat her with it. Well that was not going to work for her foster dad and I so now the paper is a game, it may not be an ideal game but she isn’t scared of the paper anymore. Now when I bring home a paper she knows it is on…. I read an add and roll it up like I’m going to hit her with it and she runs up and steals it out of my hand and rips it to shreds. The way we look at it it’s therapy. She isn’st scared and we save money because I only get to look at the sale adds once.

Update 5/1/2007 Pretty Girl had her surgery and came through it with flying colors. Her leg is healed and she is now ready to go to her forever home!!

UPDATE 3/29/07 We did it!! Thank you!! Pretty Girl will now have her much needed surgery. We will update the site when it is done and keep everyone up to date on her progress. Thank you from all of us at MABBR to everyone for your generosity in helping us help this sweet girl!

Pretty Girl needs your help. Our precious happy girl needs surgery. Sadly Pretty has been diagnosed with Patellar Luxation. What this means is her knee dislocates out of joint, causing her not to be able to walk on it normally and causing her pain. The effects of Patellar Luxation include knee instability, pain, lameness, joint swelling and eventually arthritis. If left untreated it could further deteriate and cause a cranial cruciate ligament rupture. Which is even more painful.

We love this sweetheart very much and want her to have the best life possible, so we need to raise funds for her to have surgery to repair her knee. We need to raise at least $800.

Pretty, Miss Thing

Running- Give her some room and watch her go!

Pet Peeves:
Decretive pillows, squirrels, basketballs

My ideal day:
Any day when I get to hang out with people who are nice.

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My Story:

Miss Pretty Girl was found running down a busy street and a friend for all dogs brought her to safety. She was skinny, missing hair on her tail and back and had several open sores. The vet said she had been on her own for a while.

Pretty for short. This beautiful girl loves everyone, and she hasn’t met a dog she doesn’t like. She is currently staying in a foster home with 2 other dogs and they all get along great with supervision. Pretty loves taking naps on the couch, in the bed, in the sun, or anywhere else you let her. There have been times she has been found in bed with her head on a pillow and the blankets pulled up over her.

Pretty is very smart she has learned so much since coming to foster care. She can now play with toys(with out shredding them), she can sit, and lay down. We are working on stay but she really doesn’t like it because she wants to be right next to people so when you start to walk away from her she wants to come too!

She wants a home and a family so bad. She deserves a family. She is so good and so sweet. Please take the time to meet her and you will fall in love.