In a foster home

2 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.  Cats unknown.

Sponsor needed

Handsome, bodacious, affectionate, fun-loving Raleigh! He’s about 2yo, 60+lbs and full of wiggles and good vibes.  Hard to believe this guy was slated for euthanasia but with the help of some great people, he made his way to us just in time.

Raleigh enjoys his dog friends, but loves love loves himself some people. Eager to connect, curious and happy – all the good things we want in a dog is in this boy.   We’re not sure about cats but it’s a possibility.

From his foster dad:

Raleigh is housebroken and does well being left loose. He likes
snoozing in the sunny spots during the day and will also choose to go
in his crate with a comfy bed. He loves going for walks as long as it
isn’t raining and his looks garner a lot of attention and compliments. He
wants to meet every person and dog he sees, but his initial excitement
poses a challenge to minding his manners and can be off-putting for
some dogs. He’s basically a wiggle machine for the first minute or so
with people. I think he would prefer having another dog to play with,
though his play style is a bit rough and tumble. He’s decent about
taking cues from other dogs when playing, but he does need some human
guidance at times. He does well with the friendly, young male husky
that he shares a fence with, but he is pretty reactive to people he
sees or hears outside near the house. For that reason, in addition to
his stunning looks, he should never be left outside unattended.