Callisto - Pitbull

A number of VERY generous people helped us SAVE Callisto! Callisto (Cal for short) was abandoned at the shelter by his owner who was moving into an apartment. To be fair, the shelter staff reports that the owner was absolutely devastated and took over 30 minutes to say goodbye. However, it IS possible to rent with pits, it just takes time and effort to find a place to go… and now Cal is out of a home, and nearly lost his life…

Callisto is now in boarding and he is trying hard to keep his chin up, but it’s hard on him. He’s known what it is like to be a pet, and loosing his home and family is a lot for him to have to handle. Callisto has a gorgeous, sleek, black coat with stunning gold brindling running through it. Cal is stunning. He’s truly jaw-dropping gorgeous.

Not only is he very good-looking, he is also housetrained and leash trained, and he met a baby and a young girl and he was ADORABLE with them -he kissed the baby and loves the 12-year old just as much. Everyone who meets this boy immediately falls in love with him.

We are really hoping that Cal will find a loving home very soon. He deserves to be back on a couch again getting lots of love and attention. Cal’s a trooper, but he should be in a home. Not a boarding facility. Please open up your heart to him and let him know he’s not alone, and that he will NEVER be abandoned again….