Cashmere - Pitbull

Cashmere has a very sad story. This beautiful girl is a product of neglect. She was confiscated from her first home where she landed in the shelter while the courts decided the fate for her neglectful owners. The whole process took nearly a year…….for a YEAR this precious pittie waited patiently in a cage in the shelter. For most dogs this would have broken their spirit. But not for our sweet wonderful girl……she remained a trouper and waited hoping that someday her luck would change and she would end up in a loving and dedicated home…..
We hope that time will come soon for her…..Cashmere is now in a temporary foster home where she is getting great socialization with several other dogs, cats and Kids! Her lonely world has definitely changed to one full of all kinds of excitement. Her foster home can not keep her long term however so she needs a permnant foster home or forever home asap.

Cashmere is quite an amazing girl. We are constantly touched by how sweet and loving she is after having such a hard start in life. She deserves the best of everything from here on out. If you are wanting a new companion that you can spoil and give lots of love to – then please consider Cashmere. This stunning girl deserves to be spoiled for the rest of her days.