Domino - Pitbull

Domino came into the shelter as a stray, she was tied up to a sign and left during the night.

Domino has been waiting since she was 3 months old for a family of her own. She is now a year old. We just can’t understand it because this girl is Beautiful with a personality to match!

Domino loves to play tug and chew on bones. She is an attention seeking sweetheart who just can’t get enough love and would make an excellent addition to almost any home.

We can’t wait for her to find the family she so deserves.
We hope that she will win someone’s heart with her unique looks, she is a sweet love bug, and has so much to offer to a loving home. .With her eagerness to please and responsive nature she would excel in training, and even make a great therapy dog!

Please open up your heart to Domino today