Mozzie, born at the end of December (and brother to Mac, Millie, and Mavis), is very loving and a quick learner! He learned fetch in no time, although we’re still working on part 2- bringing it back to us. He LOVES the water – so much so that he gets in our little pup pool and paws the water will gazing curiously at it the whole time. He has also taken this habit to the water bowl- much to our dismay – as his curiosity has led him to the fact that his big paws  can scoop water OUT of the bowl.  I think we’ve been hearing the other pups say things like “Quit it Mozzie, we’re thirsty!”  Mozzie is personality plus!

Location – Fostered

[tab title=’Weight/Age’] 25 lbs. at approximately 6 months

House Manners – Working on housebreaking, crate trained

Children – Good with kids

Other Pets – Good with dogs and cats

Sponsorship Status – Sponsor needed