Talia - Pitbull

Nicknames: Brownie, Nalla

Interests: Playing, Cuddling, Running and Treats

My Story:

Here is one gentle gorgeous girl.

She was skinny when we got her but is filling out very well.

Talia is a total social butterfly. She loves people of all ages and sizes, her foster home has a 4 year old and a 1 year old. She also loves other animals. She is currently being fostered with 2 other Pit Bulls and 3 cats.

Talia is learning crate training and is such a good girl about it. She rarely makes a mess.

Talia is still young, and loves to take a nap in your arms. Loves car rides and very gentle.

Talia is a good pup and one of her ears is usually on her forehead. She loves to run with the kids and get treats. She is learning new things like, “sit”, “stay”, “no, no” and “lets go potty”

Please consider Talia as a new addition to your family…