In a foster home

3 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with some dogs.  Good with cats.

Sponsor needed

Sweet, loving, heart stealing Rebekah!

Rebekah was the original dog in a hoarding case of over 60+ dogs. In 3 short years, this mama was gave birth to litter after litter with almost no breaks. She has spent the past 3 years getting little attention from humans and trying to control her hoard of babies and grandbabies. She is definitely one of the most social dogs from this situation and she has shown us that through her undying love for humans. She wants everyone to be hers and she wants to meet every person she can. She will lock eyes with any stranger (kid or adult) to lure them into petting her. She loves to give hugs and she is working on only hugging when she is invited. She seems to know that small kiddos should not be hugged-despite her overwhelming want to do so. She is so gentle and loving and all she wants to do is love humans. She is a big kisser but her foster mom calls them “sneak attack kisses” or “reptile kisses” because she will sit by a human with an uncontrollable wagging tail and will quickly kiss your face. Kind of like a frog that quickly rolls out their tongue to catch a fly. Her foster mom thinks her kisses are the sweetest and silliest thing.

Bekah is currently being fostered with 2 other female dogs and a cat. She does fine with both, but she prefers calm dog friends that won’t be up in her face. She seems to thrive being with other animals, but she does not require animal siblings. The cat scares her a little bit but she took a swat to the face like a real trooper. We imagine that she has not met cats before so she was very curious and forward with her sniffing…the kitty didn’t like that. So far she has been able to perfectly coexist with the cat and this cat leaves her be. She greets the kitty with kisses and doesn’t mind her presence, loves to just sleep next to the kitty. This cat doesn’t like to play with dogs and so Bekah seems to prefer that.

If you are interested in adopting Bekah, reach out! We think this girl would be a great addition to any home. Her doggy siblings make her feel safe and comfortable when they are out on walks, Bekah just needs time to adjust to living inside a house with strange pups. Everyday she grows more and more comfortable with her doggy siblings and likes to give them kisses. Bekah is currently being fostered in New Mexico, she can be adopted to a home in any state, but please know that an initial meet and greet will need planning if you are not in New Mexico