In a foster home

2 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Needs slow introductions with dogs. Cats unknown

Sponsor needed

Meet Tink, your perfect furry companion! Tink is not just any dog – she’s a bundle of energy and affection waiting to brighten your days. With a love for running and a penchant for companionship, Tink thrives on human interaction. She adores scratches and belly rubs, especially once she’s warmed up to new friends. Plus, she’s already mastered commands like ‘sit’ and ‘shake,’ showing her intelligence and eagerness to please. She’s also fully house-trained and finds solace in her kennel.

Tink feels nervous around other dogs, but her eagerness to play shines through. With the guidance of a trainer, she’s learned to navigate social situations and takes cues from more confident, relaxed dogs to help ease her nerves. Tink’s comfort and well-being, comes with supervised and gradual introductions to other dogs. This allows her to build positive associations and confidence at her own pace, ensuring each interaction is a positive experience for her. Unfortunately, Tink and our other dog haven’t found common ground yet. Our other dog tends to be a bit anxious, which can influence their dynamic. Their initial meeting didn’t reflect their ongoing interactions as we had hoped. Our trainer is willing to supporting anyone adopting Tink, who has existing canine companions, providing guidance and assistance

Bring Tink into your life today and experience the joy of unconditional love and companionship!